My Bubble

Commissioned by Meadow Arts, Nick worked with filmmaker Ollie Lansdell and a small group of young artist to explore the potential of 360 digital video to create their own virtual utopian worlds.

The project was funded and supported by Rural Media’s Invisible Arts Network, a project that unites artists and technicians for digital learning and to create innovative digital projects.

Surreal underwater creatures floating in a sea of inky darkness.

Aiming to capture something of the strange times we were living in during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the experiences of young people who live in the rural county of Herefordshire, Meadow Arts commissioned My Bubble, an invitation for artists aged 16-22 to create and learn with digital technology.

Three talented young artists with an interest in film, visual art and VR technology were selected from a callout in December 2020 to work on My Bubble from January to April 2021. A series of online learning sessions were led by creative event and filmmaker, and Co-Director of MASH Cinema, Nick Brown and independent filmmaker Ollie Lansdell to teach the group how to use software to create a series of otherworldly digital 360 films.

The aim was to empower young people to explore the potential of creating their own virtual, utopian worlds in which they were the creators and explorers, as an antidote to some of the loneliness and boredom experienced in successive Covid lockdowns.

The resulting three 360 films have been combined into a digital world that can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones, allowing the viewer to move around, exploring the landscapes, sights and sounds within them.

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