Red Snapper – Truth 1

In June 2020, long-time collaborators Red Snapper asked if we’d be interested in producing a video for their new track, Truth 1.

The band had recorded some videos on their phones around London during lockdown, along with some home footage submitted by dancers from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

In the age of fake news we took inspiration from distorting and manipulating the truth and set about destroying the original material through a series of digital processes including datamoshing and video synthesis.

“I liked the idea of an individual and true response to the tune which the dancers brought. The footage of Dalston is my immediate environment and reflective of the Covid conditions which we have all been living through. People just trying to get on with their lives despite the crap which affected us so badly. The way Dan and Nick have managed to meld and twist the footage into a saturated and funky whole is brilliant.” ~Ali Friend (Bassist, Red Snapper)

“We treated the footage using a variety of experimental post production techniques including data moshing and video synthesis, distorting the ‘truth’ of the original videos recorded by the band during lockdown.” ~ Nick Brown, MASH Cinema

Spill Magazine 2020