Nozstock Festival

We hosted the Wrong Directions Cinetent at Nozstock Festival from 2012 until 2018. Featuring live performances from audio visual artists such as: The Light Surgeons, Scanone, Max Hattler, and Bobby Bird (Modulate, Higher Intelligence Agency) with retrospectives from artists such Run Wrake, Cyriak, The Books, Jake Fried, Sculpture, and People Like Us.

Head in the Wrong Directions Cinema to be entertained, amused, confused and inspired. Open throughout the whole weekend, the Cinema is an audio-visual sanctuary for the weary traveller. Re-energise your mind with informative and provocative documentaries; immerse yourself in cinema classics; reset your cultural compass with an array of quality shorts and be hypnotised by an eclectic selection of experimental works. Nozstock

Christopher Allen ‏@Lightsurgeons Thanks to @mashcinema for bringing our AV show to @nozstock! Such an amazing cinema tent and a great little festival. We’ll be back 4 sure!!

Nozstock Festival goers sitting in a tent watching short films.

All images copyright Christopher Preece

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